1. so sleepy, goodnight!
  2. Japanese coffee style at now. it was too many chain shop. example to Starbucks and DOUTOR and more.#coffee
  3. 世界の人が知らなくていいようなことをつぶやいてみるなど。
  4. KISSATEN was showa style coffee shop. it was variety menu. coffee and tea, pasta, toast, juice, CHA(Japanese tea), and more.#coffee
  5. Japanese coffee shop, it classical style was called KISSATEN.#coffee
  6. ミルは手回し式のを使ってますよ。飲むごとに挽いてます。@SpecialtyHunter ミルはお使いですか?
  7. Tokyo was TSUYU(rainy season). This year is cold. and it came to early. Maybe more typhoon coming than every year.

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