1. Japan Ministry of Education said "over concern of radiation is make PTSD". It's technic for Assailant. action not let at victim. so dirty.
  2. After the passage of Anime control law. next step to regulated any Representation. Lose of freedom of speech for Japanese.
  3. Tokyo pending to Anime control law. this law is freedom of expression is regulated. Maybe, Japanese anime become extinct.
  4. TEPCO's news was equal to Government news. News is TEPCO's official message copy. News reporter, not surveyed.
  5. Japanese TV and other media news was source from Government official message. news reporter was don't take background and other source.
  6. ああ、コーヒー焙煎するの忘れてた。明日の朝のコーヒーはなしだ。
  7. 3.11.I was job in office. Earthquake after, manager said to return to job. All employees returned to job. It's japanese common sense.
  8. Hotspot was meaning radiation value is high. Fukushima to Kashiwa away to about 300 km. I don't found end of this damage, and fear.
  9. Radioactive materials into rain, maybe. I living at kashiwa, its area is known at HOTSPOT at recent few week.
  10. スペルミスは日常茶飯事なので、一度別のところに書いてチェック。そうしないと、ただでさえ妙ちくりんな英文が本当に読めないものになる可能性が大きい。
  11. "HIRUNE" was mean nap. I did not know it's word.
  12. Oh, I get new vocabulary "nap". I've to search to Japanese to English dictionary.
  13. Today is rainy day. Rainy day was so sleepy.I got short sleep at after noon.
  14. 友人がパチンコを始めたんで、そんなけちなギャンブルやめて競馬で一回5万ぐらい張れってアドバイスをした。結果、賭け事自体しなくなってた。

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